2019 Daikon Yakata Linear Light Final 2.jpg
Yakata Linear Chandelier 40"
2019 Daikon Yakata Trio Linear Light Final web.jpg
Yakata Trio Chandelier
2019 Daikon Grand Stilk Naval Brass Detail.jpg
Grand Dynamic Stilk Chandelier with Fuse Lens
from 3,310.00
2019 Daikon Grand Stilk with Bulbs 2.jpg
Grand Dynamic Stilk Chandelier with Extended Lamping
from 3,310.00
Daikon White Graphite Grand Dynamic Stilk Chandelier Interior.jpg
Grand Dynamic Stilk Chandelier
from 3,310.00
2019 Daikon Kros.jpg
Stilk Chandelier - Kros
from 3,110.00
2019 Daikon KI.jpg
Grand Stilk Chandelier - Ki
from 3,310.00
2019 Daikon Stilk Chandelier Aged Brass.jpg
Stilk Chandelier - Aged Brass
from 3,110.00
2019 Daikon Stilk Chandelier Onyx Wax.jpg
Stilk Chandelier
from 3,110.00
2019 Daikon White Graphite.jpg
White Graphite Stilk Chandelier
from 3,310.00
Dynamic Stilk Chandelier in White, modern chandelier, contemporary chandelier, contemporary lighting
Stilk Chandelier - Matte White
from 3,110.00
Ssang Stilk 2018.jpg
Stilk Chandelier - Ssang
from 3,110.00
Onyx Wax Grand Stilk Chandelier for Web.jpg
Grand Stilk Chandelier
from 3,310.00
stilk chandelier web 2 copy.jpg
Stilk Chandelier
from 2,155.00
Non-dynamic Grand Stilk Chandelier in Brass.jpg
Grand Stilk Chandelier in Brass
from 2,650.00
Daikon Drop Chandelier.jpg
Darko Drop Chandelier
from 1,805.00
Yakata Linear Wall Sconce - Blackend Contemporary Sconce by Daikon Studio
Yakata Wall Sconce
Modern Lighting - Minimal Sconce in white - Stilk Sconce
Stilk Sconce with Deluxe Collars
Aged Brass for web.jpg
Stilk Sconce in Brass
Black stilk for web.jpg
Stilk Sconce
2018 Mini Stilk Onyx lr.jpg
Mini Stilk Sconce
Dosi Chevron Design Sconce by Daikon Studio. 2019 Lighting Trends. Handmade Modern Lighting
Dosi Daikon Sconce
from 530.00
daikon dash web side lr.jpg
Dash Sconce
from 455.00
daikon chevron black web lr.jpg
Chevron Sconce
from 530.00
Shoji II with collars.jpg
Nouveau Sconce
from 605.00
shoji sconce steel.jpg
from 367.00
Shoji Aged Brass Wall Sconce
Shoji Sconce in Aged Brass
from 367.00
Shoji II Wall Sconce - Industrial Modern Lighting - Blackened Steel and Brass Sconce with Minimalist Styling
Shoji II
from 455.00
Shoji II Sconce in Aged Brass by Daikon Studio - Asian Modern Lighting
Shoji II - Aged Brass
from 455.00
single_darko_xl on white.jpg
Darko XL Pendant
from 1,805.00
Dulce Pendant
from 1,555.00
2017 Nouveau sconce.jpg
Mini Nouveau Pendant
from 775.00
Modern Minimal Art Sculpture - Glance
Glance | Sculpture by Jury Smith
Solid Brass End Caps & Collars
small sample box.jpg
Finish Samples
from 15.00
daikonic led bulb.jpg
Daikon LED Edison Style Bulbs
Abstract Modern Sculpture - Chop
Chop | Sculpture by Jury Smith
daikon bulbs edison .jpg
Vintage Filament Edison Style Bulbs
Long T30 Vintage Filament Bulb & LED Retro Fit Bulb
from 20.00
Trio black front plants.jpg
Trio Air Planter
2018 Jury Smith Perch.jpg
Perch | Sculpture by Jury Smith
2018 Jury Smith Sail.jpg
Sail | Sculpture by Jury Smith
2018 Jury Smith Hope Fields.jpg
Hope Fields | Sculpture by Jury Smith
2018 Jury Smith Bloom lr.jpg
Bloom | Sculpture by Jury Smith
aged brass yakata sconce side view.jpg
Yakata Wall Sconce in Aged Brass